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Nala Sinephro

In Residence
A composer whose sense of exploration echoes the values of Studio Richter Mahr.

The first of our artists in residence in 2022 was Nala Sinephro. Nala Sinephro is a Caribbean-Belgian composer, producer and musician living in London. Her music fuses meditative sounds, jazz sensibilities, folk and field recordings.

Sinephro’s debut album is Space 1.8 – composed, produced, performed, engineered, recorded, mixed by Sinephro at age 22. On the album, she plays modular synths and pedal harp alongside her friends James Mollison, Shirley Tetteh, Nubya Garcia, Eddie Hick, Dwayne Kilvington, Jake Long, Lyle Barton, Rudi Creswick and more.

In 2021, she joined the Warp Records roster and continues to weave her unique sound world. We’re looking forward to hearing the fruits of her time with us.

SRM_Nala Sinephro
  S P A C E 1 . 8
SRM_Nala Sinephro